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KTG’s Grease brings back wonderful memories

by Tammy Schneider 

I was fortunate to attend the final rehearsal before opening night of the Kincardine Theatre Guild’s production of Grease, and was amazed to see how the production crew has pulled together this cast of young teens, many who had never been on stage before, and presented such an enjoyable evening. The play is a condensed version of the 1978 movie that puts a strong focus on the music and the energy of the young actors. Considering that the majority of the cast weren’t even born when the movie was released, the show still seems authentic. The drama and need to fit in that troubles every teenager was just as important in the 1950s as it is today, and the cast does a wonderful job of portraying this to the audience.

Where the actors really shine, in my opinion, is when they start to sing. As a chorus, their young voices blend beautifully and during the solo performances the audience was mesmerized. Slayde Millar’s rendition of There are Worse Things I Could Do was so heart-wrenching that I could see some audience members discreetly wiping their eyes. Kudos as well to the choreographers that spent countless hours teaching the cast the dance numbers like the Hand Jive and Greased Lightning. The months of rehearsals leading up to opening night have certainly paid off. Grease is funny, energetic, thoroughly entertaining and worth every penny of the ticket price. The play runs until June 1, and I suggest getting tickets immediately if you plan to attend, as some performances have already sold out.