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Docs & Talks hopes to start a conversation

By Tammy Schneider.

Growing up in Ripley, teacher Jennie Scott-McKenzie could hardly have imagined that she would see more of the world than many people even dream of. She was bitten by the travel bug at age 16, and since then hasn’t stopped living in and experiencing other cultures, along with her husband Paul and two children. This exposure to other lifestyles and beliefs has spurred her to examine the world and ask questions about what is valued. Scott-McKenzie has partnered with friends John Larsen and Steve Caslic to create Docs & Talks, an informal get-together that will feature the showing of a documentary film followed by a discussion of ideas and impressions. The goal is to entertain and enlighten, and stimulate intellectual conversation. “The world can be better if we can expose people to bigger ideas and question their own world,” said Scott-McKenzie. Topics have been selected according to their appeal and will include segments on social justice and environmentalism. The first event, to be held on April 30, will feature the documentary The Mask You Live In, which examines what it means to be a man in today’s world. A follow-up segment to this first event will be held on May 6, this time featuring the film Miss Representation, a documentary of how the media has and does view women. All events will take place at Pine River United Church and they are open to all ages and genders. There is a $5 charge at the door to cover the cost of refreshments and a viewing license for the videos. Scott-McKenzie is grateful to the church for allowing them to post upcoming events, and says that additional information can be found on the Facebook page, Docs & Talks. Depending on interest, the three plan to host the event six times per year. It is hoped that by bringing these topics to the forefront, it will generate awareness, an exchange of ideas and create a stronger and more understanding community.