Night Fever plays to a full house

By Tammy Schneider

The Bee Gees tribute band, Night Fever, was greeted with open arms at the Bluewater Summer Playhouse on Aug. 6. The original band has been a mainstay in popular music since rising to fame in the late 1960s, crooning songs of love, breaking up and, of course, dance. The first time I heard the Bee Gee’s live was in a small venue in Waterloo, when I was just 14-years-old. The band was just transitioning into the disco era, and with their tight white suits and long shaggy hair (pretty cringe-worthy now), my girlfriends and I thought they were about the hottest thing on six legs. Night Fever had all the visuals down pat. This time the performers were dressed in black leather and even included brother Maurice’s (Matthew Whale) signature straw hat and Robin’s (Daryl Thistel) tiny glasses. The three singers, along with a three-piece backup band, delivered the harmonies the group was so well-known for, while lead singer John Ralphs, as brother Barry, hit all the right notes with the falsetto that propelled the original group to stardom. The theatre was filled to overflowing as Night Fever delivered hit after hit to a crowd that danced, sang along and clapped to the beat. Favourites, including Gotta Get a Message to You, Massachusetts, Nights on Broadway and Jive Talking were pumped out one after the other and the crowd just couldn’t get enough. Besides their well-known hits, the Gibb brothers were talented song writers, and included in the performance songs such as Islands in the Stream and To Love Somebody, songs that were written for other artists.
Next on the Bluewater Summer Playhouse schedule is Buying the Farm, written by Shelley Hoffman and Steven Sparks, and directed by Playhouse artistic director Ralph Small. The play offers 12 performances between Aug. 13 and 24, including a special 5 p.m. show on Aug. 17 that is timed perfectly for a play, dinner and a trip to Victoria Park to enjoy the Saturday evening pipe band parade. Tickets are available at the box office or online at

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