Laughs and a life lesson thanks to Fair and Square

By Tammy Schneider
Chip and Joanna Gaines don’t have a thing on house-flippers Sadie, Dennis, Penny and Earl. In Fair and Square, the current production offered by the Bluewater Summer Playhouse, the two couples, connected because the women attended college together, partner for the first time to flip a home for profit. But where the famous Fixer Upper stars have the same style, these four seem destined to throttle each other before the project is finished. Oddly enough, the conflict, and the hilarity that follows, isn’t due to finances or workload. Instead, it rests completely on how different these four characters are. Earl is the worker bee, with a bit of a fun side but definitely the more conservative of the two men. His wife Penny is the level-headed professional. When friends Sadie and Dennis enter the picture at the beginning of the first act, one has to wonder who in their right mind would have thought these four could be friends. Sadie is meek, a little bubbleheaded and Dennis has that kind of personality that will grate on anyone’s last nerve. Without giving too much away, the couples are warily polite with each until life and love become part of the conversation. As the story progresses, real fears are addressed and the audience is left with a life-lesson to ponder. Fair and Square was written by Derek Ritschel and directed by Playhouse artistic director Ralph Small. The four characters are played by Matthew Olver (Earl), Leah Oster (Penny), David Rosser (Dennis) and Precious Chong (Sadie). The cast fire off line after line with superb timing – kudos to director Small for bringing out their best. Fair and Square runs until Saturday, July 27. Tickets are available at the box office or through the website at If you are looking for an evening of laughter and entertainment, this is your show.

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