Lions Club lays path to build new north-side boardwalk


By Kristen Shane

The Kincardine and District Lions Club is planning to build a new boardwalk on the north side of the pier, from the flagpole to the beach pavilion.

With Kincardine council signalling its approval last week, the group is one step closer to starting the project in late April or early May.

It’s not the first time Lions members have put hammer to nail for the community’s sake. The group helped build the Victoria Park pavilion and the stairway beside the lighthouse. It just finished reconstructing the playground beside the Davidson Centre and building a picnic shelter there.

Lions members have been pleased with the south-side boardwalk’s popularity and the way it has sparked beautification of the area, said member Dennis Flavell.

They want to do the same on the north side, Flavell told council.

“My only concern is: would it be better suited on the other side of the pier as an addition to the existing boardwalk,” said councillor Mike Leggett. “There is an existing path that is wheelchair accessible and connecting to an historic path that is already there, Lovers’ Lane.”

Flavell said the group would rather build new on the north.

“We have a beautiful area there with the park and the Tiny Tot playground. We have the pavilion, which has been refurbished. We believe that by putting the boardwalk there we’ll improve the whole area and make it a far nicer place for people to go.”

Dennis Flavell, a member of the Kincardine and District Lions Club, shows off the group’s plans for a new south-side boardwalk. (Kristen Shane photo)

The plan is to build over top of the existing gravel path cutting across the bottom of Macpherson Park, the gravel parking lot, skirting the edge of the snack booth and Dunsmoor Park.

The boardwalk will be no more than 10 to 12 inches above grade all the way along, said Flavell. That’s not enough to require it to have handrails, said councillor Guy Anderson.

Flavell said the group would follow building code and municipal accessibility policies in the boardwalk’s design and construction.

An agenda note to council said the Lions had gained the support of the municipal trails committee, building and planning department and Friends of the Pavilion.

The group has $5,000 of the about $19,000 needed to build the boardwalk. It’s received another $1,000 donation from Scotiabank. It’s looking to sell engraved planks for $50 each. Flavell says the group is in talks with the KDSS shop department to do the engraving.

Lions members hope that will raise $50,000, of which leftovers will be used down the road to add seating areas and maybe even a gazebo to the boardwalk. Eventually, the Lions may even move to replace the aging sing-a-long and picnic shelters.

“I fully support any club or group that is going to enhance any part of the municipality – at their cost,” said Anderson, prompting laughs from other council members.

Several echoed Anderson’s support.

Businesses and individuals interested in buying a plank can contact any Lions Club member, for the time being. The group was slated to have a meeting Tuesday night to iron out the purchasing details.