Fees on late payments


It was really busy around our house in December. That’s the only excuse I have for being late with my payment to the Town of Kincardine for winter storage for my boat. I saw the invoice when it came, but it simply got lost in the shuffle.


Fair enough; I missed it. Add on the 25 per cent late charge for overdue accounts. I figured I would pay it with my marina fees in February – outrageous as it was.


It never occurred to me that they meant every month. There was nothing on the invoice, or the subsequent one, that suggested this was a monthly, recurring fee. Second invoice – another 25 per cent. Is this even legal? There goes the plan to pay up and even ahead by February, on principle.


I could whine and complain, but that would probably be more work that it is worth and it’s a major downer besides. Mom always taught me not to get upset over things like this. Just make a decision and move on.

So, from here on, it will simply be personal policy to pay as late and as little as possible without incurring penalties, and if there is any way whatever to legitimately gum up the works, make transactions more expensive by dragging my feet, or simply offer negative input, the decision is made. Sure simplifies my life.


Thanks a lot to whomever it was who dreamed up Brute Squad tactics like this.


Yours truly,


Joe Macartney