Huron Terrace bridge open


The Huron Terrace bridge reopened Friday.


The road and sidewalk is wider than the former bridge, and the pathway down to the yacht club is less steep.


The opening is about two weeks later than expected, said Kincardine’s public works manager Jim O’Rourke last week.


“It’s pretty close for a project this size,” he said.


The numbers aren’t all in yet, but the bridge replacement seems to be on par with the budget set for it, O’Rourke told council during an explanation of the public works projects finished this year.


“There were very few overruns on this project,” he said. “Really, the only one was the wastewater. Council made the decision earlier in the year to put a new force main in because the old one was so close to the construction activities we were afraid it would break during construction.”


That cost about $70,000, he said afterward.


The project was a partnership between the Municipality of Kincardine and Bruce County. The municipality will shell out $1.3 million, or 40 per cent, while the county picks up the rest of the tab.


While the bridge is finished, a removable hand rail along the road side of the extra-wide sidewalk has not been installed. That likely won’t come until after winter so as not to interfere with snow plows, said public works committee chair Laura Haight.


An official bridge re-opening ceremony should take place later this winter or spring.