Starting their school careers


Elgin Market Public School staff has big plans for their newest pint-sized pupils.
Last Thursday, new Junior and Senior Kindergarten students were invited to tour the school and meet teachers and administration. The third annual orientation night brought more than half of the school’s 98 kindergartners to the building.
“It’s always been successful, very successful,” says principal Anne Roppel.

Student and their parents listened to introductions from the kindergarten staff and then embarked on a trip through the school’s classrooms, library and gym. Students were rewarded with snacks and a gift bag, while parents received important information on the upcoming year.

Public Health, the home and school association and other parent groups also attended the session, which ran for approximately two hours. Teacher Gwen Cavasotto says the orientation is important for staff, students and their parents alike.
“It gives everyone the opportunity to get to know the teachers,” she says. “It alleviates feels, students know where they are going (when they arrive at the school) and the parents feel more comfortable.”

Elgin Market’s total student population is just 228 students. Kindergarten makes up almost half that number. The school has a large catchment area and Roppel is not surprised by the number of kindergarten students registered for the year.

The school returning students will also notice some changes. Elgin Market has switched from Mac computers to a new set of PCs, there is one new full-time staff member and new playground equipment is on its way. Regardless of any changes, Roppel says, the school remains a great place for students to begin their scholastic careers.

“This is a great place to be,” Roppel says. “We’ve got supportive parents, great staff and good students.”