Harbor Beach delegates suitably impressed by Kincardine



Delegates from Kincardine's sister city - Harbour Beach, MI, - enjoyed a weekend in town. Harbour Beach's council attended the massed band festivities, toured the wind turbines and crusied Canadian waters in the Mysis rescue boat. The delegates, joined here by some of Kincardine's councillors, are, from left, Ron Hewitt, Jean and Al Kleinknecht, mayors Robert Swartz and Larry Kraemer, Dolores Tunewicha, Pauline Ward, Gord Campbell, Jean and Larry Goniewicha. (Josh Howald photo)

It was his first visit to Kincardine, but the town looked awfully familiar to Robert Swartz.
"It's pretty much the same," as Harbor Beach, Michigan, he said, where Swartz is mayor. "Harbor Beach is a little smaller...and the lake's on the other side," he quipped.

Swartz and his council were special guests in Kincardine over the weekend, arriving from KincardineÆs twin city Harbor Beach on Friday evening.

They were suitably impressed with what they saw.
"I just can't say enough about Kincardine," said Swartz. "Everybody has been so accommodating and friendly. We've felt so welcome."

Swartz and seven members of his eight­member council arrived in town Friday night, and after a tour of the lighthouse, were taken out on Canadian Waters in the Mysis, Kincardine's rescue boat.

"They even let me drive," laughed Swartz, whose town has a population of 1,900 people. Harbor Beach's lighthouse is located on the breakwall, said Swartz, noting that other than that it is very similar.

From there, the council members had dinner at a special reception before calling it a night. They stayed at the Governor's Inn Best Western.

Saturday, the group was given a tour of the municipal buildings and lunched on corn in Victoria Park while listening to music at the Gathering of the Bands Festival. They were scheduled to take a tour of the wind turbines later in the day.

"I couldn't believe your municipal building," said Swartz. "It's absolutely fabulous. I never dreamed it would be anything like that."
While singing the praises of Kincardine, he was also quick to boast about his own home. Harbor Beach's big events include the Maritime Festival, featuring professional jet­ski races, and the Winter Festival.

"We do a fireworks show in the winter, and it's absolutely spectacular," he said. "It's something really worth watching if you've never seen fireworks in a winter sky before."

Swartz said that Kincardine's hospitality has been overwhelming, and he is looking forward to next year, when he will extend an invitation to Kincardine's council to visit Harbor Beach during the Martime Festival.
The affable Swartz has been Harbor Beach's mayor for four years.