Davidson Centre back-up blip blows bookings


If you booked a room at the Davidson Centre during this spring or summer, it might not be yours.
Bookings made between May 1 and July 31 have been lost because they were not properly backed up on the recreation centre computer system.

Whether you rented a space six months or two years in advance, if you booked it during that three-month period, Davidson Centre staff urge you to call and confirm that it's still recorded.

The loss was hardware-related, says recreation director Karen Kieffer.
It only affected Davidson Centre rooms, including the meeting room, sun room, Kincardine Hall and arena floor.
The recreation department's own bookings remain intact, as have soccer field, pool, park and sports field rentals.
Staff discovered the back-up blip three weeks ago, while Kieffer was on vacation.

"Immediately, (they) tried to retrieve it...but unfortunately it was not there," says Kieffer.
"Since then, we have purchased a new back-up system and it e-mails staff every morning to say it has been successfully done," she says.

She adds that Davidson Centre computers will be linked into the municipal building's server next month, which runs a separate daily back-up to ensure files are secure.

One employee is in charge of facility rentals now, to prevent multiple bookings.

The Independent's community bulletin section has included notice of the loss for the past two weeks.
"We have been receiving quite a few calls from people who are just double-checking," says Kieffer. "I haven't heard of anybody being negative. They're just kind of anxious that their booking's in the system - especially weddings."

Wedding receptions and stag-and-does are popular events that keep Kincardine Hall - located at the back of the building's lower level - occupied at least one night every weekend during the summer months, says Kieffer.

The sun room and meeting room are used more during the school year, when clubs hold regular meetings, she says.
The arena floor receives relatively few bookings.

If you want to check on your room rental, call the Davidson Centre at 519-396-3491, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.