2018 Reunion committee disburses financial gifts to the community



By Tammy Schneider


While there are still a few invoices trickling in from the 2018 Kincardine Reunion, the bulk of the expenses have been tabulated and paid, and the dollar value for money raised during the five-day event will be very close to $350,000.


The reunion committee received support from the local municipality, which will be covering the cost of the OPP presence during the weekend. The cost of using the services of Fairmont Security, totaling $255,000, was covered by proceeds raised during the reunion. On Sept. 22, the organizing committee invited volunteers to attend an appreciation night at the Kincardine Pavilion. At that time, financial gifts were awarded to many local groups and charities.


“Overall, we’re calling it (the reunion) nothing short of a complete success,” said reunion co-chair Dave Patterson. “These groups all had a hand in and played vital roles to make the overall event such a success, so we thought of them first.”


In total, $245,000 was disbursed to various groups in the community, many of who volunteered their time during the reunion. The recipient of the largest financial gift was the Kincardine Trails Association, who received $40,000 from the committee to help them reach their fundraising goal of $250,000 for the KIPP Trail. $25,000 was awarded to each of the following groups: the Kincardine Lions, Kincardine Legion, Walker House and the Bulldogs. The Lighthouse Blues Festival received $20,000, as did the fund to revitalize the ball fields at Connaught Park. The Kincardine Scottish Festival received $10,000, as did the Tiverton Reunion Committee and the Kincardine Community Fund. Donations in small amounts were made to the Lucknow Music Festival, Kincardine Rotary, Big Brothers and Sisters, Kincardine Kinetic Club, Welcome Home Haiti, Kincardine Theatre Guild, Bluewater Rescue Group and the Kincardine Agricultural Society.


Final numbers are not available yet, but a considerable amount of money will be set aside in a legacy fund to support the 2028 reunion. The cost of using the services of Fairmont Security, totaling $255,000, was covered by proceeds raised during the reunion.


As new committee members for 2028 come on board, there will be many ideas for events brought to the table to keep interest and momentum going. While details have not yet been finalized, one item of interest is an annual concert held each June for the community.