Back to school report for Kincardine and surrounding areas



By Tammy Schneider


It’s back-to-school for hundreds of children across the surrounding area. Teachers and administration staff have been busy readying their classrooms for the new year, and at home parents have been shopping for supplies, school clothes and getting children back on a regular schedule.


The Bluewater School Board offers registration information and back-to-school wellness tips for children of all ages on the board website at


The Kincardine Independent checked in with local schools to find out what the new year holds and what registration numbers are expected. As in years past, enrollment numbers are estimates, and will fluctuate until after registration of all students is complete.


St. Anthony’s Separate School


Staff and students at St. Anthony’s anticipate that the building of their new addition should begin this fall or in early spring. The addition will include eight new classrooms and four rooms to accommodate the YMCA daycare.


Enrollment is estimated to be in the range of 470 students, up from last year. There are four classes of junior and senior kindergarten students, with an expected enrollment of 111 children.


Sam Pitre will join the staff in Sept. as the new vice-principal.


Ripley-Huron Community School


Several new teachers will be welcomed to the school this year, including French teacher Victoria Boucher, and the new kindergarten teacher, Kaitlin Cameron.


Enrollment has been consistent, with approximately 280 children registered overall, 23 junior kindergarten, and 29 senior kindergarten students.


Ecole Elgin Market Public School


A new portable was installed in the past year, and will remain on site for the coming school year. Elgin Market will welcome a new principal this year. Laura Stockland, the former vice-principal at Arran-Tara, has joined the school as the principal, replacing Marga Wilson. They are currently searching for additional French teachers to join their staff.


Enrollment is consistent with the past year, and approximately 65 senior kindergarten and junior kindergarten students are expected to register for the coming school year.


Huron Heights Public School


Huron Heights has had a number of building improvements this summer, including a washroom refresh, accessibility improvements, and exterior clean-up and the installation of whiteboards.


Enrollment will remain steady at approximately 320-325 students.


Kincardine Township Tiverton Public School


A new portable has been installed at the school that will be used for a Grade 3 class.


The school office is welcoming April Petrie to her new role as a part time staff person this September.


Enrollment is expected to increase from 350 to 370 this fall, and there will be five classes of junior and senior kindergarten students, numbering somewhere between 140-150 children.


Kincardine District Secondary School


It was a busy summer at Kincardine District Secondary School. New roofing was installed on the school, and the gymnasium and doors have a fresh new look to welcome students and staff as they enter the school.


Nine new staff, including a new educational assistant, will join the current staff in nearly all disciplines. Music is back this year, and the school welcomes music teacher Jen Kozak, a KDSS alumni and former student of Ian Burbridge to the staff.


Exchange and foreign students will make KDSS their home for at least one semester, with the first of the students arriving in September. Students hail from Brazil, Switzerland and Spain.


Enrollment is expected to increase this year, with approximately 465 full-time students, of which 130 will be entering Grade 9.


KDSS has partnered with all other schools in the area to promote activities and news from all schools, via a video slide presentation that has been set up at the Davidson Centre. Each school has contributed financially to the purchase of the equipment, and will provide KDSS will new slides and information twice monthly. These slides will keep parents and the general public up-to-date on what is happening in each school and initiatives they are involved in.


A fundraising golf tournament hosted at Ainsdale Golf Club will be held on Sept. 8, with proceeds directed to minor sports in the area, including athletics at KDSS.



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