Kincardine Calls her people home

by Liz Smith


The Kincardine Theatre Guild kicked off the 2018 Reunion festivities with Wednesday night’s performance of Kincardine Calls, the story of Ida Jean and Fergie, who fall in love and marry, despite opposition from family and the threat of war and struggle.


Set against the backdrop of Kincardine in the 1800s, Kincardine Calls tells some of the history of Kincardine and its people, through dialogue, original songs and choreography.


And from the opening overture to the final bow, Kincardine Calls was, in a word, amazing.


The original score and script by Ian Burbidge and June Daniel, based on ideas in collaboration with Peter Woodhall, could rival professional theatre. Accompanied by nine talented musicians, the music was inspired, uplifting, toe-tapping and hauntingly beautiful.


The performances by Mason Windross as Fergie and Brian Ball as George MacLeod were simply outstanding. But the standout performance of the night was Sladye Millar, who brought Ida Jean to life with her stage presence and beautiful voice, rich with clarity and emotion.


The show also featured a stellar cast with some wonderful performances by Jaki Mayer-Duggan, Amanda Farrell-Walsh, Jim Peddie, Peter King, Brian Windross, Sid Duggan, Steve McGibney, Erica Everingham, and Garrison Brown, supported by a talented chorus.


Director Stacey Storrey-Millar is to be commended for her work in bringing this to life. From choreography to set design, costumes to hair, lighting to sound, it all worked beautifully – and with a cast of 30 and a crew of 60, this was no small task. With its unique, rural setting at SS Stables, just north of Kincardine, this production was a masterpiece.