Relax and ride the bus Reunion weekend



By Pauiline Kerr


Anyone who’s attended previous reunions knows it’s best to leave the car at home. With all the extra people in town and all the activities happening in the downtown area, driving and parking just aren’t options.


While there’s a lot happening, the venues for the various events are in a fairly compact area, and are within reasonable walking distance from each other and most parts of town.


To make it easy to get around, the reunion organizing committee has arranged bus service both in town and to Tiverton, Ripley and Point Clark.


Laura Haight of the reunion committee says the three bus companies, Montgomery, Ross Young and First Student, are each taking a night and she commends Kathleen Young and her colleagues for co-ordinating the routes.


Haight states that while not everywhere will get coverage, the various stops on the routes are conveniently located. “The goal is to get everyone to the events and home safely.”


Bus passes cost $5 and are good for the whole weekend. They can be purchased at the tourism office or the reunion store.


The various stops will be marked with signs. The route maps are being published in the Independent, and Haight says there’ll be a number of large poster-sized maps displayed at various businesses and major hotels.


Haight outlined the three in-town routes. The north side route loops through Huron Ridge, and the south side route goes through Heritage Heights. There’s an express route that connects with both, as well as the Tiverton and Ripley routes, and runs between the curling club and the old liquor store at the corner of Broadway and Huron Terrace along Huron Terrace and Penetangore Row.


In-town buses run hourly noon to 4 p.m. and about every 20 minutes until11 p.m. The night route runs until 2:30 a.m. The express route runs Friday 4-11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday noon-11 p.m.


The Tiverton route begins at the arena and runs to Inverhuron, and along B-Line to Broadway and Huron Terrace.


The Ripley route starts at the arena and municipal office, then goes to Pine River to the Second Concession, into Point Clark to the community centre, back up to Lake Range Road at the Fourth Concession and along Lake Range Road into Kincardine.


Both the Ripley and Tiverton buses run at 8 and 9 p.m. and return at 1:30 and 2:30 a.m.


Haight cautions that anyone riding the bus after the Sunday night Shirt Tail Dance, has to get to the right pick-up spot – for Tiverton, it’s Hamilton Lane by the vet clinic, and Ripley, it’s the post office on Durham St. In town, for the north side route bus, it’s on the north side of Broadway (the bus facing north) and for the south side route, it’s the south side of Broadway (the bus facing south).


Height urges everyone to be patient and to be courteous to the bus drivers. “They’re giving up their time to do this,” she says. “I hope the weather is great; walk, bike, take the bus but be safe.”