Christoper's Crew

Fighting kidney disease with Kidney Walk




Thirteen-year-old Christopher Pennington isn’t playing with friends or lounging in front of the television this summer. For the past three years he has been busy fundraising to support his team in the Goderich Kidney Walk. Scheduled for Sept. 9, the walk is sanctioned by The Kidney Foundation of Canada, and uses funds raised for research and patient support. To date, Pennington has raised more than $30,000 since he began walking in 2015.


Asked why he participates, Pennington said that he was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2014.



“Kidney disease really changes your life. You can’t play some of the sports you love, you can’t eat or drink the foods you love. It also affects some of your other organs. Doing the walk helps me feel better knowing I can help other kids with kidney disease.”


To maximize his donation, Pennington began collecting pledges in person and online, early in the season. He is also promoting a pizza sale program that donates $5 for every pizza package sold by Aug. 1. There are also water bottles and rubber arm bracelets for sale, with all proceeds directed to his final fundraising total.


His efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and besides being a major local fundraiser, Pennington was recently presented with the Meridian Good Neighbour Award at the Kincardine & District Chamber of Commerce 2018 Community Achievement Awards Gala.


Currently, there are 1,100 people on the transplant list in Ontario alone, and 10,500 people on dialysis. In order to help these people, Pennington asks that people donate through the Kidney Walk website at and search Goderich and Christopher’s Crew. He also has a Facebook page under the name of Christopher’s Crew where walk promotional items, including the pizzas, can be ordered.