7ACRES to add 400 new jobs for major expansion




The Tiverton cannabis producer announced last week that it will hire more than 400 employees over the next year as it gears up for a large expansion.


7ACRES held a ceremony at the Southampton Golf and Country Club last Wednesday to recognize the first graduates of its School of Management – where 33 people graduated from 10 leadership courses provided by the company. During the ceremony, 7ACRES executives made the announcement that the company plans to expand its facility at the Bruce Energy Centre from three greenhouses to 30 and hire more than 400 people by the end of June 2019.


“Our ultimate goal is to help create a culture of learning and commitment where our employees are motivated and appreciated, where they continuously contribute to the improvement of our work processes, where they grow with the organization and wish to stay with 7ACRES for their working careers,” said General Manager Ram Davloor. “We will be hiring on average 36 employees a month for various positions throughout the organization. As 7ACRES grows, we will be offering many chances for our employees to advance, take technical training and learn new skills. We will be developing our new staff to become managers and team leads.”


7ACRES will hold job fairs at the Hanover Columbus Centre on July 7 and in Kincardine at the Davidson Centre on July 28 for all positions. The job fairs will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.