Grey Matter Beer Company set to open doors on April 26


Michael Hueftlein stands amidst the recently installed brewing equipment at Grey Matter Beer Company. Currently, the brewery is running at half capacity, with 8000L of beer in production. The new business is scheduled to open doors April 26. (Chris Bianco Photo)

By Chris Bianco

Michael Hueftlein and Meag Durkin have been busy putting the finishing touches on the downtown Kincardine location of their new business – Grey Matter Beer Company.

Hueftlein, a former computer programmer of 12 years, decided in 2014 that he wanted to leave the programming industry and open his own brewery. He said he had been spending a lot of money on beer, and decided to produce it himself instead. After enrolling in school to learn the art of brewing, he spent a year and a half at Neustadt Springs Brewery, where he gained firsthand experience in brewery operation. His business partner Meag Durkin also has extensive experience in the brewing industry, having previously worked at the Perth Brewing Company and Collective Arts Brewing in Hamilton.

The brewery, situated in the heavily renovated building that once held Sandy’s, is set to open its doors to the public on April 26. The opening will be preceded by several soft openings for family and friends to iron out the details in operation, and a grand opening event will be scheduled in the future.

The brewery will be have four beers on tap when it opens its doors to the public: Age of Industry is an oatmeal stout with dark roasted coffee and chocolate notes, Checkmate is a helles lager with a mild, easy drinking flavour, Mission to Mars is a very hops-focussed American pale ale and Dawn of Civilization is a citrus wheat beer flavoured with orange and lemon peel to impart citrus notes. There are plans to add additional beers to their lineup in the future.

The naming convention for Grey Matter’s beers references significant events in human history. For example, Mission to Mars is based on the days of exploration when humans would sail long trade routes to India. A hoppy beer was needed to mask the flavour of the beer becoming skunky during the long voyage, and thus the Indian pale ale was born.

“If people are going to mars they’re going to need a hoppy beer,” said Hueftlein.

This naming style mirrors the philosophy that Hueftlein maintains at his brewery. He believes that beer and the social environment created when sharing a drink with friends can produce great ideas, and he wants Grey Matter to reflect this focus on innovation and creativity. With a clean open design, and a beautiful view overlooking the harbour and Lake Huron, the design of the storefront feels like a space that promotes deeper thought.

“Stop by on the 26th or on the weekend and come and enjoy our beers” said Hueftlein.

For more information visit the Grey Matter Beer Company page on Facebook.