The Ace is finally caught as Kincardine man claims $20,000 prize



By Barb McKay


Rodney Benbow had the luck of the draw. The Kincardine man is the winner of the Catch the Ace lottery after his name was pulled during last Wednesday’s draw at the Kincardine Legion. He walked away with $20,851.


“It was neat that my name was drawn,” he told The Independent on Thursday. “That it was the winning ticket was an added bonus.”


Indeed it was. The lottery, a fundraiser for the Kincardine Legion and 2018 Kincardine Reunion, had been growing in popularity in recent weeks as the jackpot climbed. For the last draw, tickets were sold out by Feb. 23. Catch the Ace raised $20,000 for the Legion and $13,000 for the Reunion. Weekly prizes handed out over the course of the lottery totalled$13,234 – correlating with the number of tickets sold. The lottery began in June and ran for 37 weeks before the Ace of Spades was finally revealed.


Laura Haight, of the Kincardine Reunion committee, said she is thrilled with the results.


“It was a tremendous success. We had no idea it would go on this long. It was good all around for the Legion and the Reunion.”


Haight said she is happy for the winner.


“The Benbows have been in it from the beginning, so that was nice to see.”


Benbow said he and his wife, Sandra, have been talking about how they will spend the money – perhaps on home renovations or travel.


“There are a few trips we’ve been wanting to take,” he said.


Benbow said he will likely participate in the next Catch the Ace lottery.


“It’s a fun game to play and it’s catching on. It’s a great fundraiser for the Legion and other charities.”


The Legion will partner with Huron Shores Hospice for the next Catch the Ace game, set to begin later this month. Haight said the Facebook page will remain the same and tickets can be purchased at the same venues as with the previous lottery.