By Pauline Kerr


During the Nov. 15 meeting, Kincardine council accepted a staff recommendation for the awarding of two contracts that will pave the way for new development. The contracts are for the Connaught Park sewage pumping station and trunk sewer main.


This project will serve existing customers and allow future growth to the north.


The contract for the sewage pumping station went to the lowest bidder Finnbilt General Contracting Limited, in the amount of $2,552,166. Three bids were received.


Four bids were received for the trunk sewer main, with the contract awarded to the lowest bidder J-AAR Excavating Limited in the amount of $1,677,280.77.


Fifty per cent of the net cost of the project will be recovered through development charges. Federal and provincial grants for the project through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund total $782,408.


Public works director Adam Weishar explained to council the total project cost of almost $4.56 million exceeds the budgeted amount of almost $3.6 million.


The reasons for the $994,205 shortfall is open for speculation. Weishar told council a local contractor did not bid on the project, because of a commitment to another project. This may have made bids less competitive. However, Weishar noted the bids that were submitted were quite close to each other, and costs have been rising for this type of work. He further noted the trunk sewer contract is actually under budget; it’s the pumping station contract that’s over.


He said the original plans had called for a “conventional type of wet well set-up.” This involves a confined space entry, Weishar said. What’s being proposed is a set-up contained in a single building. Not only is safer for workers, it’s more attractive for a residential area.


The bottom line is the West Ridge on the Lake residential development project needs this, Weishar said.


Councillor Laura Haight said, “We’ve been playing catch-up – allowing development and then putting in infrastructure.


In later discussion about another matter (industrial park servicing), Haight said, “It’s clearly time to start building capacity in preparation for development that’s coming.”