Some municipal rates and fees to increase next year


By Barb McKay

Service and recreation fees in the Municipality of Kincardine are going up.

Municipal Treasurer Roxana Baumann presented a report to Kincardine council during its meeting last Wednesday and said that while the majority of municipal rates and fees were increased by 1.5 per cent for 2018 to reflect the rate of inflation, a handful of other fees were raised a little higher.

Fees for summer day camps, PD day camps, March break camps and sports nights will rise by five per cent to account for the increase to the minimum wage. Marina fees will increase by two per cent for the same reason.

Water and sewer rates will increase by two per cent next year. Dog tag fees will cost 50 cents more. Building and plumbing square footage charges will increase by 50 cents per square foot, or 6.7 per cent, and more than 14 per cent for cellar areas and accessory buildings.

Baumann reported that landfill fees will remain the same as this year, but the minimum fee of $25 will be for loads of 230 kilograms of less, rather than 250 kilograms.

A full list of municipal rates and fees can be found on the municipal website at

*The municipality has received a donation of land that contains a significant section of Kincardine’s trail system.

The family of the late Wilbert Burnside donated approximately 15 acres of land west of Park Street in Kincardine. CAO Sharon Chambers explained that the municipality entered into a licence agreement Burnside in 2011 to establish a hiking trail. The municipality constructed the trail and has been responsible for maintaining it.

Chambers said it was Burnside’s wish to leave the land in its natural state and that the trail be part of the Kincardine trails network. In exchange for donating the land the family would like to receive a tax receipt and have signage posted in the memory of Wilbert Burnside and that the municipality cover the cost. Chambers said the total cost would be around $7,000 including legal fees.

“This is greatly appreciated and will be enjoyed by our municipality,” said Councillor Maureen Couture.

“This ensures for the long term that this trail system right in the middle of our town will continue,” said Mayor Anne Eadie.

The Burnside family agreed that buildings, such as washrooms or picnic shelters, could be constructed on the land if needed.

*The municipality has awarded the contract to replace its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) at the Kincardine water treatment plant.

Council agreed with a recommendation from Kincardine Public Works Director Adam Weishar to award the contract to Industrial Contracting Solutions Inc. (ICS) for $90,400. Weishar presented a report to council during its meeting on Oct. 11 and noted that the company is familiar with Kincardine’s SCADA system.

Kincardine experienced issues with the SCADA system back in March and again in August and had to switch over to Huron-Kinloss Township’s water supply at Huronville temporarily. ICS was hired at that time to make repairs. Because the system is considered unreliable the municipality made the decision to replace it.