Update on Bruce Power security


About a month back I sent a letter to the editor about an incident regarding seniors wanting to take the bus tour of the Bruce Power site. We were denied at the last minute because of a mix up with the photo identification.

A few days later, I received a call from Chris Mercanti, manager of Community and Indigenous Relations for Bruce Power, who called to express their apologies and wanted to make amends. He invited the residents back for a personal tour of the Visitor's Centre with videos and the story of how Bruce Power came to be.

Many of these residents were born and raised here but had never been to the Visitor’s Centre, so this was a very informative. Chris did a great job explaining how the plant came to be and how it has evolved over the years. He also explained the upcoming refurbishments that will bring up to 20,000 jobs, which is a big boost for the local economy.

As a special treat, Bruce Power treated the residents to a wonderful catered lunch. Of course this is not done on a regular basis, but Bruce Power wanted to express their apologies for the mix up.

Things have certainly changed since 9/11 and we can’t fault Bruce Power Security for doing their job. With all the terrorist activity going on in the world around us, it’s a relief to know our community is as safe as it can be in these days of fear.

I learned so much about Bruce Power and nuclear energy from this outing and I am thoroughly impressed with what happens in our own backyard.

The residents of Tiverton Park Manor would like to thank Bruce Power and especially Chris Mercanti for the wonderful day and a great learning experience. Anyone who hasn’t been to the visitor’s center should check things out, and when the plant tours start up again next summer, be sure to have proper photo ID and enjoy the ride.

Karen Ballok, Inverhuron