Demo day


Demolition crews took down the building at the corner of Queen St. and Durham Market Square Thursday afternoon. The building was originally the Farley Lumber and Planing Mill and has stood there since 1919. The property will be developed by Keith Battler. (Josh Howald photo)

historical buildings disappearing

As a long time tourist to kincardine l have witness good old buildings being torn down, to make way for parking lots. Just walk around town and you can't help but see these lots where nice old homes use to stand. This building is 100 yrs old could just imagine what Niagara on the lake would look like today if old buildings were being torn down in the past .Its a shame but it seems they pick and choose which one is not up to there standards.And as time goes by, these buildings that have been torn down, would of added a more historical value to the community.