No more flying lanterns in Kincardine


By Barb McKay

Flying lanterns are now prohibited in the Municipality of Kincardine.

Municipality of Kincardine Fire Chief Kent Padfield presented revisions to the municipal open air burning bylaw and the sale and use of fireworks bylaw during Kincardine council’s meeting last Wednesday. Padfield said he studied the bylaws of several other municipalities throughout the province and made revisions to reflect best practices.

One of the most notable changes to the fireworks bylaw is a ban on the sale and use of flying lanterns, commonly used during weddings and other celebratory events.Padfield said the lanterns are dangerous because they cannot be controlled.

The burn bylaw has been changed to restrict large open air fires to daytime hours only.

“Typically one of the most common calls we get from cellphones these days is for a fire that someone sees in the distance still burning at night,” Padfield said. “If we can eliminate the complaint it eliminates the response.”

The fireworks bylaw has been updated to allow the sale and use of fireworks during the Chinese New Year and on Diwali. Councillor Laura Haight said the bylaw should include other celebrations and holidays such as the Civic Holiday weekend, the Kincardine and Tiverton reunions and the Bruce Power Beach Party.

Padfield said the Bruce Power Beach Party and reunions are covered under the ‘public fireworks display’ section of the bylaw and a permit from the municipality is required. Haight said that many residents light off fireworks during the Civic Holiday weekend, including in her neighbourhood and it should be included.