Divided we fail!


Is that the direction we are headed?

Since the politically correct Lefties decided that Sir John A. MacDonald's name should be stricken from Ontario schools, can we expect that they will want to remove the Dr. Secord memorial which stands in front of our library?

The 1910 memorial is believed to be the only one in Canada dedicated to a confederate officer. Dr. Secord was a nephew of the War of 1812 heroine Laura Secord. He left Kincardine several years before the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War. He was an outspoken abolitionist whose views on slavery nearly got him lynched. That behind, he served as a surgeon in the Georgia infantry. He was captured at Gettysburg and imprisoned in Maryland but escaped and returned to his regiment. In 1864 he left Georgia and returned to Kincardine.

As for our learned ones, would they be satisfied to teach division and mathematics in our classrooms and leave the law making to our members of parliament? If the teachers were to carry through with this plan, possibly their confederation pension plan could contribute to the replacement cost. After all, as they say, "it is for the benefit of the students."

Yours truly,

Glenn Hedley