Let's not lose it!


I read with interest Pauline Kerr's column of Aug. 2. In a brief letter she touched on several important points about living in the Kincardine area.

The paragraph stating: "farmers, business owners, retail clerks, retirees" are often the same people who coach minor sports, volunteer services, help out at the church and in general do whatever they can to assist their neighbours and make this well directed community what it is. That is exactly why people wish to locate here.

Once upon a time, plans and decisions were governed by common sense, which has become a thing of the past. Political correctness with no common sense is what our politicians are face with every day in making their decisions. Let's not lose it.

In the future, if high taxes and the cost of living continue to increase, many of us retirees who never made the Sunshine List will be forced to move and live inland away from the lake and shoreline. People with meagre pensions who, for most of their lives enjoyed lakeshore living, may have to be satisfied with a few moments of relaxation - not sitting on the shoreline but standing on a bridge overlooking the Saugeen or Teeswater rivers.

Glenn Hedley