More people in Kincardine living alone


By Barb McKay

The percentage of one-person households is the highest in Canada’s history and that demographic is also on the rise in Kincardine.

Statistics Canada released its 2016 Census data last Tuesday with some interesting results. According to its findings, there are proportionately fewer traditional families and more people who are either living alone, as a couple without children or as part of a multi-generational family. On average across Canada, there are just 2.4 people per household.

What is more surprising is that single-person households made up 28 per cent of the population last year – the highest ratio in Canada’s 150-year history. Apparently Canada is not alone – in the United States 27 per cent of people live alone and in the United Kingdom 28 per cent of citizens live alone. In Germany, more than 41 per cent of the population does not cohabitate.

In Kincardine, where the population sits at 11,389, according to 2016 Census data (up from 11,174 in 2011) there are 1,415 single person households. That is up from 1,300 in 2011.

Statistics Canada attributes higher separate and divorce rates, higher life expectancy and aging population to the rise in single person households.The largest factions of Kincardine’s population are over the age of 50 – the highest being individuals aged 60-64 years old (985 residents).