Sophie Hotchkiss wins 2017 Women’s Triathlon


By Barb McKay

Kincardine’s Sophie Hotchkiss overcame a rough swim to pull out front of her fellow competitors and win the 2017 Kincardine Women’s Triathlon.

Sophie Hotchkiss won Saturday's Women's Triathlon in Kincardine. (Barb McKay photo)


A total of 450 women from across Canadatook part in the triathlon, duathlon and relay events in Kincardine on Saturday morning. The triathlon kicked off at 9 a.m. with a 375 metre swim from Station Beach, followed by a 12-kilometre bike ride and a three-kilometre run, ending in Reunion Park. The duathlon event includes the run and cycling portions of the event.

Hotchkiss, 20, had a difficult start in the water but quickly made her way from third place to first on the bike and led the race for the duration. She crossed the finish line with a time of 43:37.

The Kincardine native, currently living in Hamilton, did a practice swim in the lake on Friday and said the conditions were good and it went well. On Saturday the water temperature was tolerable at 18 degrees Celsius, but it was choppy.

“The water was really rough,” she said after crossing the finish line. “I thought I’d be okay, but I was a little unprepared.

”But, Hotchkiss was determined to get in the water.

“I didn’t want to do the duathlon,” she said. “Running is not my strong suit.”

Hotchkiss began training for triathlons 10 years ago at the encouragement of her dad, Shane Hotchkiss of Kincardine. She started out competing in Kids of Steel races and a few years ago started entering the Kincardine Women’s Triathlon. Last year, she placed second overall. Winning this year was thrilling.

“It felt really good,” she said. “The encouragement from everyone was good. There was lots of support.”

Beth Bruce of Kingston finished second with a time of 45:14 and Christina Kelly of Collingwood was a close third with a time of 45:27. Kincardine’s Katherine Gaudreau placed eighth with a time of 48:31.