Council votes to foster youth entrepreneurship


By Pauline Kerr

Although some members of council weren’t too sure why a special resolution to waive business licensing fees for youth is needed, the council of the Municipality of Kincardine voted in favour of a motion to do so.

Deputy Mayor Jacqueline Faubert gave a notice of motion at the previous council meeting. Wednesday night, June 14, the motion, “that municipal business licensing fees for licences such as refreshment vehicle, seasonal mobile water sport equipment rental, taxi, hawkers and peddlers be reduced for youth aged 10 to 19 years….” was discussed and finally passed.

Faubert told council it had come to her attention through her work with youth that half the summer’s profits could be eaten up by licence fees.

To foster youth entrepreneurship, she came up with the motion calling for a reduction in such fees for youth.

Coun. Maureen Couture suggested a reduction of 50 per cent, and put it in the form of a friendly amendment to the motion.

In response to questions about what kind of business a child of 11 or 12 would be operating, Couture said a busker could be that age, and a licence is required.

Apparently there’s no fee for this type of licence in the municipality.

However, young people can start summer businesses for cutting lawns, etc. Faubert told about one young person who had gone for a licence for a summer business and paid $400 for it.

Council ended up approving the motion, to encourage young people to start their own businesses by making licence fees affordable for them.