That ain’t classy


My comments are in response to Josh Howald’s opinions in the June 7 edition of The Independent.

One thing this world could use a little more of these days is positive news. Kincardine has so many awesome organizations and groups doing great things to help in the betterment of our community and the people in it. What all of these organizations and groups need to function are volunteers.

I have been an active volunteer in our community for years and I love it. Through volunteering I have made many friendships with people who I likely would have never met otherwise. I have also gained an appreciation and respect for the amount of time and hard work it takes to execute events, specifically fundraisers.

Josh, when you were at Relay for Life for five minutes, did it ever cross your mind that the people walking had already viewed the names on the luminaries on one of their MANY laps? Did you ever consider the emotions of participants who might be walking for someone currently fighting or have lost someone to cancer? I’m guessing not.

When you were at Golf for Kids’ Sake hosted by BBBS, did you ever consider asking some of the golfers why they return to the tournament year after year? If you did, you would have seen the big picture of why this tournament is such a success and has been running for over 25 years. It’s the comradery, tradition and community support.

Let me redirect one of your comments to you. Why do you show up to report on an event if you have no real interest? Or can’t even be bothered to feign interest? You could have gotten your point across without naming two important fundraisers in the community.

You have singled out youth participants and community members supporting events and indirectly offended all of the volunteers who put a lot of work into organizing these events. It’s comments like yours that discourage people from volunteering and participating in events for fear of the judgement and negative comments. That’s not classy, Josh.

- Jody Slesser