Tennis court work finally tendered

Work will not be completed this year

By Josh Howald

When you are already years behind schedule, what's another couple of months?

The Harbour Street tennis courts in Kincardine will not be playable in 2017, contrary to claims made last month by municipal staff.

The resurfacing of the tennis courts was finally tendered last week by the municipality. If a company is interested in the job and successfully bids on it (the deadline is June 22) - and there are no unforeseen delays - there could be three playable tennis courts in town again in May, 2018.

It has been more than 10 years since the Kincardine tennis courts were resurfaced. The recommended life span is four years. The last time work was done at the Harbour St. courts was 2003. The Kincardine Tennis Club cancelled the 2016 season due to safety concerns and the municipality's refusal to meet deadlines in regards to grant money. The 2017 season has also now been cancelled. Money was finally put aside in the 2017 budget to resurface the courts and council said the courts would be completed in 2017.

That is no longer the case.

Two courts that are currently playable will remain available for tennis until the reconstruction of all three courts begins in late September or early October of this year, according the municipality's timeline.

Once the deadline for tenders has passed, staff will prepare a report to be presented to council in July for approval.

In the meantime, staff hopes to arrange drilling of test holes to determine why the courts have deteriorated as they have, specifically in regards to the sinkholes in Court 3. The reconstruction would begin in the fall, and the surface painting of the courts would not be completed until the weather permits in spring (likely mid-May) of 2018.