Something to think about


I left this town 30 years ago and returned four years ago. I have stood silent long enough.

As my uncle Bryan Edden would say, just peeking out from my rock. In my opinion, Kincardine can be compared to Radiator Spring from the movie Cars. Roll up the streets!

The town of Kincardine is classified as a tourist town. What a joke!

The bars in this town close at midnight. This has been going on for years and even occurs on long weekends and during other events such as the fishing derby. The only time this town comes to life is for Scottish Festival. Heads up – not all of us are Scottish and we take holidays not only during that week.

People come to town from Point Clark and from trailer parks by cab only to find out that there is no nightly entertainment and the stores are closed at dusk. So they leave and go to Port Elgin, Southampton, Walkerton and Hanover because the stores there are open until 9 p.m. and the bars are open until 1:40 a.m.

This town is going to be a ghost town if we keep letting this happen. This is 2017. The days of the horse and buggy are gone, and we all have vehicles and will travel where we can to enjoy our vacations. Yes, we have a great lake and a great harbour, but so do Goderich, Port Elgin and Southampton. It’s time for businesses in this town to wake up and quit relying on the nuclear worker for their income.

I feel sorry for the elderly and people who cannot get out of this town to shop. Shame on us. High taxes and no amenities because we have no new businesses. What happened to the Smart Centre, Walmart, A&W and Giant Tiger, just to name a few? I’ll save that for next week.

Just something to think about.

Leslie Whittington, Kincardine