Ripley’s Trent Devitt qualifies for international men’s physique competition


By Barb McKay

When Trent Devitt decided to take his love of fitness to the next level, he had no idea just how far it would take him.

It was just three years ago that the Ripley resident decided to increase his fitness level and become competitive. He increased his workouts and modified his diet and in August 2015 competed in the GNC Canfitpro Natural Championship in Toronto and placed fourth in his class. Last July, he placed second at the GNC ALLMAX Natural Classic in Barrie in his men’s physique class.

Devitt has been working with professional coaches Dan and Michelle Kennedy at Elite Physique in London and worked his way up and on May 6 competed in the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation’s (CBBF) 2017 International Bodybuilding Federation International (IFBB) Events Qualifier in Laval, Quebec. He placed first in his men’s physique class and will represent Canada at international competition in France in December.

Devitt never expected to compete at the top level after such a short period of time.

“I was happily surprised at each level,” he said. “Even my coach said it’s kind of unheard of. I wasn’t even thinking past nationals so now I’m working with my coach and regrouping.”

With the international competition just seven months away, Devitt has less time than he typically would to prepare for an event. Preparation begins 16 to 18 weeks in advance of an event and involves a rigorous workout routine combining weight lifting and cardio and a strict diet. In the off season he gains weight and his body weight can fluctuate by 40 pounds from when he ends a competition season and when he enters the next one.

It’s hard work, but Devitt has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Competing in Ontario has helped him prepare for larger competitions because the province has the highest level of competition. He typically comes up against 20 contestants in his class at each show. Still, he said, it is a very individual sport and you don’t always know who you will be competing against. It also has a lot to do with the judges’ preference.

“It comes to one look from the judges,” he said. “If they like you, you move on. If not, you’ve spent weeks eating chicken and pumpkin for nothing. It’s nervewracking. A lot of it is mental.”

Devitt is working to be in the best condition possible for December, but also for competitions that follow.

“Winning a world championship would be amazing,” he said. “But there is also the option to go IFBB pro.”

Devitt will compete in a professional qualifier – the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio – in March 2018. Founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is the largest fitness expo in the world.

“I go every year to watch,” Devitt said, “and now I have an opportunity to be part of it.”