Bruce Beach cottagers want extended garbage collection service


By Barb McKay

Cottagers at Bruce Beach are asking the township to extend the season for garbage and recycling collection.

Bruce Beach Cottagers Association President Brian MacEachern asked council during its meeting last Monday to consider arranging for waste collection on private roads from Apr. 1 to Nov. 30. Currently, garbage and recycling are collected at Bruce Beach from May 1 to Oct. 31. MacEachern said residents who stay longer do not know what to do with their waste.

Councillor Don Murray asked if there could be a common place established for cottagers to leave garbage and recycling for pick up.

“It’s a good solution but we pay taxes the same as Lucknow and Ripley and they get pick up year-round,” MacEachern said. “We are just asking for April and November.”

Councillor Lillian Abbott said Huron-Kinloss has a contract with Bruce and Area Solid Waste Recycling (BASWR) and does not think the company would want to extend the contract for fear it would not be able to fulfill it. She said April and November tend to be rainy and it would be difficult for the heavy trucks to navigate the small private roads and there would be a risk of causing damage.

Councillor Jim Hanna agreed and said snow would also be a problem.

“We’ve enjoyed a couple of light winters and so residents have been able to stay, but if we get a real winter again it would be disastrous.”

In a report to council, Public Works Director Hugh Nichol said that BASWR has indicated that early spring and late fall collections are sparse at best.

The Bruce Beach cottagers were also looking for curbside garbage pickup of large items once annually. MacEachern said most residents are older and unable to transport the items to the landfill themselves.

“Many of us come from larger cities where you leave a thing out to the curb and it gets picked up,” he said, “Though we don’t expect that here.”

Murray said the township holds three free dump days each year and encouraged MacEachern to find someone who would be willing to transport items for cottagers.

“We wouldn’t be able to just do it for you,” Hanna added, “we’d have to extend it to the whole township and would you like to pay for that? I’d rather pave roads.”