Thomas Hulton wins first Tour of Kincardine bike race


By Pauline Kerr

First across the finish line in the first ever Tour of Kincardine cross-town bike race was Thomas Hulton, 17, of Orillia.

Thomas Hulton, 17, of Orillia was first to cross the finish line, with a time of just under an hour and 10 minutes. (Pauline Kerr photo)


He’s been racing for six years and described this event’s route as “interesting – the roads were pretty fast and then the single track was really muddy, tight and twisty.”

The 22.5-km route took the 37 registered participants through forested river trails, along lakeside paths and on connecting roads. There was 8.8 km of hard surfaces, 9.7 km of single track, and 4 km of paved road.

The weather made the route challenging. Although the rain held off for most of the race, conditions were quite muddy in places.

Organizer Shane Hotchkiss started the race at 10 a.m. Sunday, May 20, at the North Pier, anticipating the fastest competitors would be crossing the finish line at Queen’s Lookout about an hour later.

He wasn’t off by much. Hulton’s time was 69 minutes, 2 seconds. He won in the Open Men’s category and was overall leader.

Rick Vandermay won the Sportif Men’s category with a time of 78m 39s.

Winner of the Open Women’s category was Sophie Hotchkiss with a time of 84m 1s.

With a time of 98m 5s, Aimee Vereecke won the Sportif Women’s category.

Cohen Martin won the Men Under 19 category with a time of 104m 41s.