Police fail to track down O'Neill


By Josh Howald

Huron-Kinloss looked a little like a war zone Thursday.

Cst. Tom Lang of the OPP Helicopter Unit takes off from Kincardine Airport late Thursday morning to join in the hunt for Glen O'Neill in Huron-Kinloss. (Barb McKay photo)


But dozens of police officers, dogs and even helicopters were unable to track down 29-year-old Glen O'Neill.

As of press time Monday afternoon, O'Neill remained at large, wanted on four counts of possessing a firearm while prohibited and two counts of possessing a weapon.

The drama began in earnest Wednesday afternoon when police were called to a farm on Belfast Road, north of Kintail in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Twp. at about 4:30 p.m. Police said the call was regarding a man with a firearm. Police didn't clarify if the man was at the scene when Huron OPP arrived or if he had already left the property. Regardless, they were unable to locate him and began the search.

Thursday night, OPP investigators visited several properties in Huron-Kinloss and one on Queen Street in Kincardine, in an attempt to locate the suspect. One Huron-Kinloss resident told The Kincardine Independent that police had knocked on the door of his farm house during the night and asked to search the property. He consented, and police searched his property, including the barn.

At some point, the Huron OPP and the South-Bruce OPP called in the reinforcements.

Glenn O'Neill


Friday morning, police contained a second property, just south of Ripley near Concession 4 and Concession 6. Back-up had arrived, in the way of the West Region Tactics and Rescue Unit, the Emergency Response Team and the Canine Unit. The public was cautioned to secure their property and vehicles, and asked to report any suspicious people or activities with a 9-1-1 call. Marked police vehicles restricted access in and around the property, as well as the one on Belfast Road.

Late Thursday morning, the OPP's Aviation Services - Helicopter Unit arrived at the Kincardine Airport. Police put two choppers with infrared capabilities in the air to circle in an attempt to locate the suspect in a field or in brush.

The search proved fruitless. The police, empty-handed, dialled back the police presence in the Ripley and Lucknow areas and released O'Neill's name. Until that point, police were looking only for a 29-year-old man with brown hair, weighing 200 pounds and wearing a brown sweatshirt. At this time, they also released a mug shot of O'Neill and detailed the weapons offences he is wanted on.

Police are still looking for O'Neill, and would like anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts to contact them immediately by calling 9-1-1 or the nearest police authority.

Police said no attempt should be made to apprehend him.