Community donations bring food bank back from brink


By Barb McKay

Two weeks ago, the cupboards at the Kincardine food bank were nearly bare.

But last Thursday, the Anglican Church of the Messiah, which houses the food bank, was a flurry of activity as volunteers hustled to unload truckloads of boxes filled with non-perishable food items purchased with donations from the community.

Earlier this month, stock had dwindled at the local food bank to the point where there were no cans of vegetables, fruits or pasta sauce and very little in the way of items like cereal, macaroni dinners and tea. But, with donations that came in from the public from over the past few months and $2,000 raised from the Kincardine Home and Cottage Expo, food bank co-ordinators were able to put in a substantial food order at Sobeys. Food bank co-coordinator Pat Stewart said what supplies remained wouldn’t have lasted the rest of the month.

“The food bank was pretty low, so hopefully it will last awhile,” she said. “People were very generous. We are fortunate that we have a very generous community.”

Between January and the end of March, 735 people used the Kincardine food bank, compared to 731 during the same time period in 2016.

Stewart said the food bank is grateful, as well, for the nearly two dozen volunteers who regularly help out unloading donated food items and stocking shelves.