Skating marks for Wilken, Leppington


The Ripley Huron Skating Club has reason to boast. A couple of skaters ended the season in grand fashion this year.

Bethany Wilken, left, Brenda Hill and Annie Leppington pose for a photo recently. Hill is the coach of the two Ripley Skating Club athletes. (submitted photo)


Bethany Wilken recently reached another figure skating milestone.

The 18-year-old from Ripley completed her final Diamond Dance test. Diamond Dances are considered to be competitive tests within Skate Canada's testing structure. It is a very difficult feat that is rarely achieved by skaters in this region.

Wilken is the first skater from the Ripley Huron Skating Club to pass all four Diamond Dances.

Few coaches can teach this level of dance, so Wilken and the Ripley Skating Club is fortunate to have Curtis Moore as a coach. Moore is a professional coach and partner who travelled to Ripley in order to work with skaters like Wilken. He taught and partnered Wilken on the Diamond Dances.

Wilken is also coached by Brenda Hill and is the only skater in the club's history to have completed all of her gold tests - Gold Freeskate, Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive and Gold Dance.

Meanwhile, Kincardine's Annie Leppington became the latest Ripley skater to achieve gold medallist status.

Leppington completed two separate tests in two different disciplines to earn gold tests in both Dance and Skating Skills.

A gold test is the highest recognizable level of achievement in Skate Canada's Test Stream. Skaters must pass 23 different dances to earn this level and six different levels of skills. It requires a great deal of time, effort and ability.

Very few skaters ever reach this level and Ripley Skating Club is fortunate to have had several. A banner hangs in the arena to honour skaters who have accomplished this feat. Leppington's will be added to this list.