Town still mired in issues


From my read of your article [“Get your home off the road, says council”, April 19, 2017], the town has incorrectly assessed the land for last 70 years when in fact it has been vacant land.

So the town owes the land owner many years of over assessment, which would go a long way to paying to move the house. Or the town owns the building on town land; the owner should sell the vacant lot, prize purchase, just as soon as the town moves its building that is in the way.

I am visiting from out of town. It’s nice to see the town where I grew up still mired in issues such as this.


Pete Scott, Kingston

Pet Rescuers

I would like to thank two very special ladies in our region. The first is Donna Coughlan who runs "Allies-For-Alley-Catz" out of her own home inj Kincardine. She is presently at capacity with both kittens and adult cats.
Second is Kathi Newell-Nicholson at "Adopt-a Pet-Rescue" in Lucknow. S he presently has 88 kittens, cats and dogs listed.
Both of these caring ladies have full time jobs as well as running their rescue organizations. Time is spent:
-rescuing the animals
-driving them to vet appointments
-reading applications
-finding personality of each pet
-displaying animals at pet food stores
-fundraising for their organization
-many other things to ensure pets are safe now and in the future!
The cost before rehoming a pet is much more than cost of adoption. Most of these pets have a sad story to their lives. They only want a chance to make both themselves and you happy. Both cats and dogs can/will make your home a happier place and keep you company.
I would also like to thank the many people who help these ladies. Some foster several kittens/cats/dogs in their home. Others make donations of cash, catlitter, food, blankets, etc. Best are those who provide a loving homefor these pets!!
Please research and read the poem "Beyond the Rainbow Bridge" to see what animals may think of people like Donna and Kathi.

David Dyer