Youth council looks to put its mark on the Kincardine Reunion


By Barb McKay

A youth-friendly event is being considered for the 2018 Old Boys/Old Girls Reunion.

Kincardine BIA downtown development manager Rick Clarke was the guest speaker at last week’s Kincardine Youth Council meeting, where the discussion turned to incorporating activities for youth into Kincardine’s major events. The council members said most community events have activities for young children and adults, but very little for those between the ages of 12 and 18.

“There are a lot of festivals, but there isn’t a lot for youth,” said council member Brooklyn Lampi.

“It would be nice if the Scottish Festival was more inclusive for youth,” said fellow council member Andrew McKay, who pointed to the age of majority restrictions for the evening concerts.

Clarke suggested that the council speak with the Scottish Festival and Highland Games committee about incorporating activities for young people. He noted that the Lighthouse Blues Festival has made a point of appealing to all age groups and features a youth stage during its downtown street festival where young people can perform.

Where the council would particularly like to see their peers welcomed more openly is during the 2018 Reunion. Lucky for them, Clarke sits on the committee and happens to be in charge of major events.

“We are definitely trying to cover all the bases,” he said. “I think it is something we should look at but we need help. If you want to organize something we’ll help you.”

Clarke suggested that the council may be able to arrange an event during the afternoon prior to the David Wilcox concert on Aug. 5, since the stage will be set up in Reunion Park. He said he would discuss the idea with the Reunion committee during its next meeting. He advised the youth council to do some research and come up with a proposal for a youth event during the Reunion next year and pitch it to the committee. A youth dance is one possibility.

With only two meetings under its belt, the Kincardine Youth Council is well on its way to making positive changes for youth in the community. Members are reviewing the council’s terms of reference and are expected to finalize the terms during the next meeting on May 1. The purpose of the council is to act as a positive advocate for youth, keep municipal council informed about matters affecting youth, provide leadership experience and enhance the image of youth in Kincardine.

A focus will be put on making Kincardine a more youth-friendly community by providing more opportunities for young people. Already, the council is brainstorming activities, events and outlets for teens and pre-teens and will discuss ideas during its next meetings. The council is also looking for additional members and, in particular, is seeking participation from Kincardine and District Secondary School.