Condo development planned for Durham Street


By Barb McKay

A condominium development on Durham Street has received the green light from the Municipality of Kincardine council.

Leah Barrie, a municipal planner for the County of Bruce, presented an application to council during its meeting last Wednesday to rezone a large property on Durham Street, across from the Davidson Centre, to accommodate 25 condo units. Property owners Hugh and Janey Campbell have converted the existing farm house on the property into a duplex and are now planning to create a high-end condominium development.

Barrie said the rezoning application is a minor one to change the current Residential 1 Special zoning to Residential 3 to allow multiple units and adjust the environmental protection zone boundary to reflect the hazard from the slope on the property. She said the plan fits within the parameters of the requirements for a medium and low density development and is a good fit for the property.

There were several studies completed, including geotechnical, storm water management, site services, traffic and an archeological assessment. No public comments were received and while the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority identified a nearby fish habitat it did not see an impact from the development. As a result of the studies, there is a recommendation to create a double-wide laneway and place a stop sign at the end of the laneway entering Durham Street.

Brad Miller of N.A. Engineering, which conducted the studies, also attended last week’s meeting and said the condos will be single-storey and built in blocks of four, five or six units.

“The aim is for an upscale market, so we’re excited about the finished product.”

“I’d like to thank Leah and the applicants for a very comprehensive review prior to this meeting,” said Councillor and planning policy chair Maureen Couture, “so the public is aware of the issues that have been identified and will be addressed.”