Kincardine rocks


Now that spring is here, all of us in Kincardine can look forward to another year of extravagances in this town.

To start, everybody should be venturing down to the lakeshore north of the pier to see where our tax dollars were blown this year - the most expensive solution to a hundred metres of erosion around. Well there isn’t much to see. Somebody in town directed the contractor to bury (hide) it all under a few inches of sand.

That’s okay. A few windy days and Mother Nature will blow the sand off, exposing the $300,000 pile of rocks. With the receding lake levels the rocks will be around to see for many years.

To rub it in, there’s the 2017 tax bill with an eight per cent increase to pay for it all; one of the highest increases in the country. To rub it in even more, there are 100 recently-installed, big, white fans around Armow also contributing to additional taxes in the town coffers.

April 1 is only a week away. Perhaps organize a ribbon-cutting ceremony, cake and the like so that all of us tax victims can collect together, weep, and wonder what this joint is going to do next.


K. Mowle, Kincardine