Beach concerns


It just makes me want to cry to see what they are doing to the beach at Tiny Tot, to our beautiful beach. It will be so dangerous to anyone trying to cross it. It is so unsightly - it has so many large spaces and crevices to fall into and for weeds and trees to grow in. If you go and look at it and tell me it is going to be any different than the one on Saugeen North, you are blind.

Please, council, take a walk down there this weekend and see for yourselves before it is too late. I see the stakes go almost all the way to the Pavilion now. Please see for yourself. There is a road on the beach now where you can safely take to look at the progress. It would be so irresponsible of our representatives not to check the progress of this project to ensure we are getting what was promised and give the go ahead or stop the activity for the public portion of the project.

To the rest of the town, if you care, say something or it will be gone for good!

Shirley Wright