Make the best of the new year


And now we have 2017! What will the year bring to us all? It will be what will be, and we have to make the best of it.

But I want to thank the people of Kincardine who make our lives easier, such as the garbage collectors, snow plow operators, etc. What a great job they are all doing. The postman often brings parcels right to our door and the merchants try hard to make their display windows beautiful.

Thanks also to the dentists, doctors and nurses. Is it not great that we have a hospital and clinic? I am sure there are many more people who I want to thank, including the newspapers and whoever I forgot to mention.

The people of Kincardine do support them all and don't shop always online.

This year stop fiddling with the computer so much. Read a book, have meaningful conversations, listen to music and don't forget to exercise. I am happy living in Kincardine. Happy New Year!

Brigitte Bellstedt