Winter Relief Program announced


Last week, Hydro One launched its new Winter Relief Program which will help customers in hardship get their electricity service reconnected for the winter. Currently about 1,400 Hydro One residential customers are without electrical service due to unpaid balances.

“This program is about doing the right thing for our customers who are experiencing hardship,” said Ferio Pugliese, Executive Vice-President, Customer Care and Corporate Affairs. “We are changing the way we do business and by doing so we are currently reviewing all our customer -facing policies and practices, including how we care for our most vulnerable customers. The Winter Relief Program is one of many changes we will be undertaking.”

As an extension to an annual pause on disconnections, Hydro One is reaching out to customers without electrical service to arrange reconnection for the remainder of the winter. Hydro One will work with interested customers to determine what payment arrangements they can afford, waive all reconnection fees as well as discuss the best plan to help them get back on track.

In addition, the company will also highlight the numerous assistance programs available to help customers who may be in arrears or facing financial difficulties (including the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program, Ontario Electricity Support Program, Home Assistance Program and other services).

Any customer experiencing difficulties paying their bill should contact Hydro One’s customer communications centre at 1-888-664-9376 or visit their website www. to learn more about their program.