Bruce Power - great neighbours!


We are writing this letter to express our sincere appreciation to Judi Chambers and all the Bruce Power volunteers who went above and beyond the call of duty on Saturday, July 18 while staging the Bruce Power annual family day at Station Beach.

We celebrated the wedding of our daughter and son, Hannah Bond and Jamieson Campbell.  The outdoor wedding and celebration had been long planned at the Campbell’s house which coincidently abutted to the Bruce Power festivities.

Understandably Huron Terrace was closed to traffic, but the wonderful security volunteers were well apprised of the event and allowed the wedding party and guests unfettered access such that the wedding could proceed unencumbered.

Then they interrupted the live music at the tent while we enjoyed a sunset union - although the sun did not cooperate, the Bruce Power folks did.  This was followed by an incredible fireworks display that was enjoyed and will be remembered for years to come by our 150 guests, some from as far away as the UK, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

And this was not the end. To our surprise, at the close of the Bruce Power festivities, a Bruce Power van pulled up.  It was Judi Chambers inquiring if everything had gone as planned.  Given the enormity of the Bruce Power Family Day event, it was unexpected and it is extremely heart rendering to think that the Bruce Power Community Relations person would have the energy left to follow up on our much smaller event.

Note to Mr. Duncan Hawthorn et al: Words cannot express our gratitude for your compassion, concern and the warm memories delivered via the sincerity of the actions and genuine concern demonstrated by your employees.  Please extend our warmest thanks to all Bruce Power employees - you continue to prove your position as a stellar corporate citizen.

Our most sincere thanks,

Judith and John Bond, Janey and Hugh Campbell