Should support refugees


No disrespect Mr. Pollock, but I checked around among my senior friends and I found nobody gets more than $6,000 gross per year on their OAS. I always thought that we are all were getting the same amount.

Most of us have no idea what kind of support is given to the people who come here, escaping war torn countries.

In our case,we came here in 1967. My husband escaped from a communist country. I am from a free one. We went to Humber College to learn basic English, which was paid for by the government.We also received a small amount in support to pay for food and a room for a very short period - of course, there were jobs available.

When the government, private people or communities agree to bring people into this country, they have to also agree to support them for a while until the can look after themselves. I don't think that there would be an overwhelming number of seniors, but what do I know!

Sincerely, Helga Szekely