Good Samaritans


Early Monday, Nov. 21, I got out of my car at the TD Bank with an envelope containing over $400 which I was going to deposit. Suddenly, the strong winds tore my envelope and I was stunned to see $20 bills blowing under parked cars and down the road towards Sutton Park and across to Rexall and beyond.

As I tried to gather my wits (I wasn’t having much luck getting my hands on the money), Lynn Maurer came along. She began telling people what had happened while I was trying to chase down a few stray bills under her direction. By now most were spread far and wide.

Soon several people began coming up to me and handed me one or two bills at a time. I’m sorry I didn’t get their names. But there was one lady who kept coming over numerous times so I was able to ask who she was. Both Monica and her husband Harry kept searching further and further out, despite my protestations that they were long gone. They found more money near Jean’s and across the road.

Eventually I was able to count the found money and was relieved to discover that only three of the bills had eluded the searching.

I want to express my gratitude to Lynn, Monica and Harry and to the other unknown people who helped me. Thank you all very much and Merry Christmas to all!

Bill Krasinski, Kincardine