Municipality commits funding to local hospice


By Barb McKay

The Huron Shores Hospice committee will no longer need to approach the Municipality of Kincardine for grants to help get the project off the ground.

Council agreed during its meeting last Wednesday that funding for the local hospice should be included in the annual municipal budget. The Huron Shores Hospice committee had approached council in September for a $5,000 contribution to the committee’s fundraising efforts to open a one-bed hospice suite at Tiverton Park Manor, with plans to build a standalone three-bed facility in the next few years pending government approval.

At the time, council advised the committee to apply for community investment grants for 2016 and 2017, as there is just $2,400 remaining in the community investment grant budget for this year. Last week, municipal staff asked for council’s direction on whether it should fund the entire $5,000 from the community grants fund this year, which would leave the fund over budget by $2,600, or allocate $2,400 and ask the committee to submit an application for the remainder in 2017.

Councillor Maureen Couture suggested that rather than having the committee apply for the remainder of funding in 2017, the money should be taken out of the municipal healthcare reserve.

“I totally support this project and this request,” she said.

Councillor Randy Roppel recommended taking Couture’s suggestion a step further.

“I would like to see a stable amount of funding put into the budget every year for this project, rather than have it come back every year for a community grant and doing it piecemeal.”

Councillor Andrew White agreed, calling the hospice a very important project that should be a line item in the annual municipal budget. Deputy mayor Jacqueline Faubert said she agreed with Roppel’s idea so long as the funds came from the healthcare reserves.