A lousy landlord


I have a question – what exactly were council’s plans for the old town hall when they moved out to the Pizza Hut if there had been no Arts Groups to rent the space?


Would it have become a storage unit?


Whatever its use, it would cost the taxpayer something . Councillor Leggett says the municipality is not a good landlord – she is right.


In many communities, the municipality is not a “Landlord” to the promotion of arts, festivals and tourism – it is a cost borne with the ultimate payback of visitors to the area, patrons for our downtown businesses and employment opportunities.


The theatre groups, art gallery, and Scottish Festival  staff occupying the building are promoting this town – the building is not used as a “clubhouse” but a public building  welcoming all residents and visitors.  The cost to the taxpayers pales in comparison to the debacle that the medical clinic has become.   


Council recently “clawed back” a grant from a private corporation to The Bluewater Summer Playhouse  to make sure the rent was paid. The grant was needed for production costs and the hiring of summer students but this meant nothing to the municipality. You are right Marsha,  you are a lousy Landlord!


Jennifer Webb