Station Beach is a mess


Well another summer has come and gone and what a great summer it was.

My family and I own property in the Kincardine area and spend thousands of dollars in the town stores year-round as well as pay thousands of dollars in taxes every year. Yes I said thousands.

Who doesn't love going to the beach but my family has seen several laws and bylaws broken at Station Beach. Anybody with an ounce of common sense only has to look around the beach - especially on long weekends – to see it is out of control. There is nobody in any position of authority there to see what is going on.

The following are just a few observations that I noticed over the last couple of weeks:

- Dogs running loose, defecating and urinating on the beach, as well as humans!

- Stereos cranked up right next to families on the beach

- Beachgoers openly consuming alcohol and leaving empty cans and bottles behind

- Full garbage cans packed to overflowing with their lids popped off

- Boaters and Sea-Doers parked inside swimming areas right at the beach where the water was packed with swimmers (young families and seniors)

- A picnic table on the beach being used by the beach volleyball gang to hold a stereo

Why is it that these same people park right on the beach like they own place? This has been going on for years. The last I looked there was a notice posted that clearly states emergency vehicles only on the beach. Why not just open the beach to parking for everybody? I'm okay with that anything goes. The rules only apply to those who obey them.

The beach itself hasn't been groomed in God only knows when. There are no benches for sitting. I guess the municipality doesn't see how many seniors are now living in our community? The washrooms were probably a very nice addition 30 years ago; people are lined up out the door waiting to use them. The fences have been broken for years. There has not been one new addition of any kind for anybody- especially kids! And a sunken wreck that should have been pulled out of the water years ago that frankly nobody could care less about.

The beach, parking lot and facilities are what I would call an organized mess. I wonder when the last time the mayor or anybody from the town has been to Station Beach with their eyes open on a Sunday of a long weekend. Why aren't the OPP doing patrols at the beach to see who is parking or drinking on the beach with a open case of beer beside them?

In closing, it is quite amazing to see what goes on as others (who are no doubt handsomely compensated with wages and benefits) are soundly asleep at the switch and could care less.

Steve Panchuk, Ripley

Right On!!

It's about time some one said something. I can't imagine the amount of money being lost to the city and its businesses because of the poor reputation of station beach. Why waste my time at Station beach with the degenerates when I can take my family to a beautiful,patrolled and cared for beach like the one in Grand Bend. I'm sure the city's highest paid employees sleep soundly at night on their fat pay cheques, while the beach and the city spills down the drain!


This is so accurate. I've been coming to this beach for around 17 years and have noticed a serious decline in recent years. Anything goes on the beach these days and apparently none of the higher ups have any issue with it. They have a huge sign encouraging visitors to shop, eat and spend money in their downtown area, but apparently none of that is being used to maintain their biggest selling feature. If I wanted to enjoy the company of people blasting music and getting hammered on the beach i'd go to Wasaga. Come on Kincardine, what's the deal?

Could Not Agree More

What a shame. Kincardine's Station Beach has such incredible potential to become so much more than what it is. I have also encountered similar situations while trying to enjoy a day on the beach. It is sad that a few on the beach can ruin a day for all of the families and people trying to enjoy the summer. Lately I am inclined to drive an extra few minutes to enjoy the beautiful beach in Goderich, where my family and I can enjoy a pristine beach, clean bathroom and change room facilities, a snack bar, parks for kids to play in as well as many other fine attributes, within steps to the beach. To think that there are also many other beautiful beach communities along the Huron shore. You'd think that with so many communities so close to each other, the competition to draw in summer time visitors would be fierce. What would it take for Kincardine to clean up its act and turn Station Beach into something wonderful? Garbage collection a few times a day on busy weekends, a police officer or two patrolling the beach to ensure that everyone on it is being respectful of the other people and environment? It seems that these are small improvements for big gain.